Monday, April 25, 2011

Butterfly Postage Stamps

I picked up some butterfly postage stamps from etsy. Why? I wanted to decorate some shoes in them, using mod podge, but the idea didn't really pan out. I placed the stamps on my shoes prior to sticking; they didn't look so good.

So what am I to do with these lovely stamps then? I purchased this wooden tray from an op shop last year..

And decorated it with my butterfly stamps, using beloved mod podge of course.


  1. I still like the shoes idea. I'd like to try something like that out sometime. I have to find just the right shoes though.

  2. The shoes idea is definitely worth persuing. I think its about finding the right shoes, but also the right stamps. For example, I had some black shoes to try it out on, but as the stamps had a white backgroud, they didn't suit the shoes