Saturday, May 28, 2011

Kid Quote Jar

Another use for an unused jam jar, in this case, an empty glass nut butter jar. I saw an idea on pinterest; collecting cute things your little child says, by writing them on a piece of paper, and popping them into an empty jar. That way, you'll never forget them. A fun way of revisiting cute things your child said when they were little.

I used some scrap fabric (from a thrifted children's pillowcase) and mod podge to decorate my jar. And cut a square piece of fabric with pinking sheers to cover the lid.

Every time my little boy says something cute, I write it down on the nearest piece of scrap paper, and pop it in the quote jar.

Saturday, May 21, 2011

Jam Jar Craft

My latest little project, is a decorative jam jar (mason jar) which I am giving to my Mother as a birthday gift. She loves collecting little white shells from our beach whenever she visits us from all the way across the other side of the world, so, with the help of my son, we collected shells.

Shell collecting

I cleaned out an empty jar..

Empty jam jar (actually, a Vegemite jar)

And decorated using doilies I'd bought at the op shop, sticking onto the side of the jar using Mod Podge.

Doily's and Mod Podge to glue into place

I used a small circle embroidered doily from the op shop which was just the right size to fit the jar lid, and tied a piece of craft ribbon around its neck...

I am hoping the jar arrives in one piece traveling via airmail!

Monday, May 16, 2011


A little unsure whether these Pajamas fall into the Recycled Fashion genre or Recycled Sewing category. Are PJ's considered fashion? I didn't really think so..

The black and flouro car fabric I have used to make PJ's for Jnr Recycled, I picked up at the op shop in April. I purchased a PJ sewing pattern a while back from Salvos, which I've finally put to use. As usual, all materials have been thrifted, including buttons and thread, except for the interfacing from my sewing stash, originally purchased new from Spotlight.

Bright, aren't they?! The whole ensemble cost less $2 to make.

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Sunday, May 15, 2011

Draught excluder necktie snake

It is getting really cold in Melbourne right now. Heat escapes our lounge room from the gap under our door. What better excuse than to make a door draught stopper, out of things from around the house. Using men's neckties from my fabric stash, opened up, ironed flat, and stitched together in a tube, I made a snake! Filled entirely with fabric scraps, buttons for eyes, and a washing sponge for its tongue.

*Click on image for clearer picture*

Whilst draught excluder snake should sit usefully under the door, my little boy likes playing with it just as much, so Mr Recycled Snake has two uses :)

"hiss, hiss"

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Monday, May 9, 2011

Cress Caterpillar Week 1

Update on egg shell cress caterpillar. The seeds in egg shell one and six didn't grow! So I've replanted more seeds, and will update again in another week :)

*Click on image for clearer picture*

Sunday, May 1, 2011

Egg Shell Hairy Caterpillar

In the making, an egg shell hairy caterpillar.

What I used:

1. 6 empty egg shells, washed
2. Egg carton
3. 6 used tea bags
4. Green watercolour paint
5. Paint brush
6. Glue (I used Mod Podge as all I have in the house)
7. Wobbly eyes
8. Pen
9. Packet of cress

Egg shells painted green. Cut the bottom off six egg cup from egg carton and paint green. Stick wobbly eyes (I have a box of them in my craft kit) on one shell with glue. Use pen to draw smiley face. Put one used tea bag in each egg cup, fill each egg with about 1/4 full with water. Sprinkle with cress seeds. Fill the top with soil (I used soil from my garden). Wait for cress to grow (maybe a week or two?) for hairy caterpillar effect. Then cut cress to eat, and sow more seeds.

I'll come back in a week or two, hopefully to show progress of hairy caterpillar's

2yr old wrapping paper

A handmade gift for my friends' son's birthday; one of my chalk mats. What to wrap it in? Young children love to scribble draw nice pictures.. I have so much of my son's 2yr old 'artwork' lying around, so thought I'd start wrapping gifts in it, instead of using wrapping paper.

Recycling with a personal touch!