Thursday, November 17, 2011

High postage fail

In an attempt to make as many handmade gifts as possible this Christmas, my first creation is a wheat and lavender heat pack for my Mum.

Based on this pattern, I've used denim and fabric scraps to make the cover, which closes with velcro. Inside I have used calico material for the lavender and wheat pillow. All fabric used, including calico, is from my op shop stash. I used thrifted lace and a recycled birthday card to write a message.

Heat packs are microwaved for approximately 2 minutes, they small divine and feel great on the back of shoulders.

Unfortunately, what I probably should have considered, is sending such a weight to the UK; $40! Ouch.

Saturday, November 5, 2011

I Spy Bags with Op Shop Treasures

A friend told me she'd made her son an I spy bag. Intrigued, I searched online to find some examples; little material sacks with a clear window, which are filled with little plastic balls. Within the sack are tiny little toys and treasures which children have to find.

Here is an example from Montessori Moments.....

Here is my eco-version. I use rice, instead of plastic balls, which I've seen here

I popped down to the op shop to see what treasures I could find - that was the fun part! This is what I found.......

A snake, Buzz Lightyear and Jesse from Toystory, a green and white fighter jet, a yellow and blue angel, little wooden owl, an orange rabbit and a fireman.

Each little treasure I either found in my local op shop's 'free box' which is mostly filled with McDonald's Happy Meal toys! I found some additional pieces on the shelves at 10c each.

I used two pieces of thrifted material from my stash, and the clear vinyl piece is a cut off from the Resource Rescue Centre - eco friendly craft supplies

In the making...

I attach a printed photograph of the treasures to find in the I Spy Bag which is tied to the side.

I gave the I Spy Bag to my son, the first thing he says

"Look at the rice" followed by ..".. and the toys, I need to take them out"... hmm not a great start! We'll re-attempt the game another day :)

And look! I found a little treasure for myself, an owl bottle opener for 10c, cute no?

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