Sunday, March 27, 2011

Op Shop Finds

I picked up some goodies from the op shop this week. Firstly, this lovely whale and anchor fabric, $2, from Vinnie's.

I've made something out of it already, a drawstring toy bag for my little boy:

From the same op shop I picked up a sandwich shape maker for $3. We had one of these when I was a kid myself, I remember my Mum making cool shape party sandwiches.

I tried it out today, with Vegemite and philly cheese. How cute are they..

And something I picked up today, yes today .. SUNDAY!! A new Family Life op shop in my little town opens on a Sunday *cheer*... a frog shower curtain $3, and a cute little note pad for $1 which is already in use for shopping lists, thoughts, and stuff I don't want to forget

Now, I do not need a shower curtain, but I thought I could make use of it in other crafty ways.. watch this space..

I am joining in with Sophie's Flea Market finds this week

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Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Shirt cushion cover

I received a book voucher last Christmas, and ordered a sewing project book called Sew La Tea Do by renowned craft blogger Pip Lincolne

The book is filled with many wonderful sewing projects, including a men's shirt front cushion cover tutorial, which I thought I'd try out myself.

Mr gave me one of his unwanted worn work shirts, which I used for this project.

I used one of my nautical op-shop fabric cushion covers that I made last year, unpicked the 'opening' side and removed it to give a smarter shirt front as follows:

What's really clever about shirt front cushion covers, is the fact you don't have to create an opening for the cushion to go in, you simply unbutton the shirt front, slip in your cushion, and button back up again.

For extra cheesy-ness, I included the front shirt pocket, which can be used to hold the remote control..haha!

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Travel toothbrush holder

My family and I are off on a short holiday tomorrow, so while the little man napped today, I packed, and made us a travel toothbrush and toothpaste holder! You see, we never have anywhere suitable to store our toothbrushes when we travel, and it annoys me!

Made from trouser leg fabric, leftover from a recent pants-to-shorts refashion, thrift-ed elastic, and a small piece of waterproof clear plastic tablecloth (which I use to make food wraps) for the inside to protect fabric against wet toothbrushes.

Before - trouser leg

After - toothbrush holder!

The flap folds down, I wrap it in half, and it holds neatly in place with elastic

* Hooray for toothbrush holders *

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Laptop Jacket

My little net-book died, which gives me sad face. So I got myself a new laptop, it is a Compaq, and it gives me happy face!

I decided to make Compaq a little protective jacket using denim, green striped fabric, and quilt lining for extra padding. As usual, all materials have been purchased on the thrift. Mum gave me a whole bunch of denim fabric.

I used a magnetic clasp closure (which is the only item on the case which was bought new), and to make the jacket nice and snug, I stitched two black elastic hair ties either side of the top flap, with two buttons to hoop them through at the back. I am able to keep Compaq inside its new jacket whilst it is on charge as the cable fits through the side flap at the top.

These two hair ties close around the buttons at the back so Compaq is all cosy and protected :)