Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Shirt cushion cover

I received a book voucher last Christmas, and ordered a sewing project book called Sew La Tea Do by renowned craft blogger Pip Lincolne

The book is filled with many wonderful sewing projects, including a men's shirt front cushion cover tutorial, which I thought I'd try out myself.

Mr gave me one of his unwanted worn work shirts, which I used for this project.

I used one of my nautical op-shop fabric cushion covers that I made last year, unpicked the 'opening' side and removed it to give a smarter shirt front as follows:

What's really clever about shirt front cushion covers, is the fact you don't have to create an opening for the cushion to go in, you simply unbutton the shirt front, slip in your cushion, and button back up again.

For extra cheesy-ness, I included the front shirt pocket, which can be used to hold the remote control..haha!


  1. Way too clever. Well done. Love the pocket on the shirt for the remote. What a fabulous idea - now there's a Christmas gift for the 'hard to buy for' bloke!!!! Love it.

  2. I LOVE this ! Especially the remote control in the pocket.
    I just made the Tunic dress from Pip's book from some thrifted fabric.
    Have a great weekend, Dee x

  3. Thank you Knicky Knacks, yes it is quite a good idea for a chrissy present for a bloke!!

    Dee - on well done! tunic dress is definitely on my to do list x

  4. I LOVE it! Very manly, I bet my significant other would grin ear to ear if I recycled one of his shirts into this. AND he won't have an excuse to misplace the remote anymore- bonus!

  5. I love it, so cool, my only concern is that my husband already monopolises the tv remote, am I legitimising his rights to the remote by giving him his own dedicated pocket? ha ha