Sunday, March 27, 2011

Op Shop Finds

I picked up some goodies from the op shop this week. Firstly, this lovely whale and anchor fabric, $2, from Vinnie's.

I've made something out of it already, a drawstring toy bag for my little boy:

From the same op shop I picked up a sandwich shape maker for $3. We had one of these when I was a kid myself, I remember my Mum making cool shape party sandwiches.

I tried it out today, with Vegemite and philly cheese. How cute are they..

And something I picked up today, yes today .. SUNDAY!! A new Family Life op shop in my little town opens on a Sunday *cheer*... a frog shower curtain $3, and a cute little note pad for $1 which is already in use for shopping lists, thoughts, and stuff I don't want to forget

Now, I do not need a shower curtain, but I thought I could make use of it in other crafty ways.. watch this space..

I am joining in with Sophie's Flea Market finds this week

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  1. I love frogs, so I love the shower curtain. The sandwich maker is too cute. Love the little sandwiches you made. Thanks for stopping by my blog. I love visitors! I'll keep watching your blog for more of your thrifted finds! Have a super weekend!

  2. the sandwich maker is the best! and ah, fond memories... so uplifting when repeated...

  3. Oh I'm envious of the sandwich maker! I've never seen one of those.

  4. That fabric is SO adorable! Lucky find, and it's good you've already made use of it, too.

  5. Agree on how darn cute that whale fabric is, but the sandwich maker is just so funny, you did much better than the pictures on the box though!

  6. Ha ha, that sandwich maker is a CLASSIC! Perfect for the hostess who has a husband like Darren Stevens and who often brings clients home without any notice. What is a housewifey to do when all she has in the pantry but some tuna a loaf of bread and some lettuce? It is sure to impress and get Darren that account!