Thursday, November 17, 2011

High postage fail

In an attempt to make as many handmade gifts as possible this Christmas, my first creation is a wheat and lavender heat pack for my Mum.

Based on this pattern, I've used denim and fabric scraps to make the cover, which closes with velcro. Inside I have used calico material for the lavender and wheat pillow. All fabric used, including calico, is from my op shop stash. I used thrifted lace and a recycled birthday card to write a message.

Heat packs are microwaved for approximately 2 minutes, they small divine and feel great on the back of shoulders.

Unfortunately, what I probably should have considered, is sending such a weight to the UK; $40! Ouch.


  1. WOW!!
    Oh My!!

    Can you send it with instructions to fill with rice so they can still use it? I have no doubt they'd understand!

  2. @Torqua Crafts - yes, probably, I didn't think about that!!