Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Pillow case chalk mat

A chalk mat I have made from pillow case fabric. This chalk mat is designed as a portable activity for toddlers, to take to restaurants, cafes, parties, on an plane - anywhere to keep a child entertained for a short while!

The main pink fabric was a girls pillow case in a previous life. The duck pocket is made from fabric scraps, and a navy blue pillowcase pocket used for lining underneath the duck. The pocket holds chalk and a small wiper. The black fabric used for the chalk mat is new, it is otherwise known as 'oil cloth'. It may be hard to find in retail shops, but it is available to buy on IJustLoveThatFabric. Velcro attaches the mat together so it can be rolled up and popped in a bag. The chalk mat can be wiped clean and used again, and again, making it an environmentally friendly toy! To create a chalk mat for a boy, change the main fabric. The chalk pocket need not be an animal, it can be made in the same fabric used for the main material.

Work in progress:


  1. Excellent notion indeedy. In desperate times it could also double as a nappy change mat whatsit (can you tell I have very clear memories of the craziness associated with two children born 18 months apart?)

  2. Thats a good idea Tania! Thanks for commenting =)