Saturday, September 18, 2010

Knicky Knacks Handmade Christmas Challenge

I am going to be taking part in Knicky Knacks Handmade Christmas Challenge.

Knicky Knack's blogwriter decided to make a pledge in support of all those brilliantly crafty bloggers out there by purchasing gifts that are only handmade.

In addition, she is sticking her crafty neck out and pledging that she will create (and sometimes borrow) some wonderful gift ideas to wrap these perfectly thoughtful gifts in.

Every Saturday other bloggers can share something that they are creating for Christmas, a discovered gift idea discovered or something spied on Etsy or Madeit Shop etc.

Pop on over to KnickyKnacks for Handmade christmas ideas!


  1. Thanks for joining in. Can't wait to see what crafty creations you come up with - if the chalk board wrap is anything to go by, I'm sure there will be lots of people who will be very excited with your Chrissy updates.

  2. Hello, thanks for dropping by my blog and because of you I have now joined in the fun of the Christmas challenge.

    Have a great day.