Sunday, March 11, 2012

Junk Wave Workshop Recycled Bowl

Yesterday, I attended Megan Bayliss' recycled craft workshop called The Junk Wave.

Her workshop taught us how to craft bowls using junk mail, beads using cardboard, and bags made from chip packets! I have yet to complete my chip packet bag or recycled beaded necklace yet, but I did finish my little paper bowl last night..

The Junk Wave is a social enterprise that turns post consumer waste into saleable art and craft material. Megan Bayliss workshops with community members and early childhood centers, all around Australia, to teach around sustainability (recycling), business (social enterprise and triple bottom lines) and to develop skills in hygiene (clean communities includes keeping waste out of landfill and water ways) and recycled craft.

If a Junk Wave Smart Art workshop comes to your town, I highly recommend it!

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