Thursday, May 10, 2012

Car Caddy

Inspired by a sewing project seen on pinterest by, I've had a go at one myself

I've used recycled denim, using a huge off cut from my thrifted stash, along with second hand fabric, thrifted bias tape and thread, and felt off cuts from resource rescue.

The only new material - the velcro, and Lightning McQueen patch, which I got from Spotlight over a year ago, not used till now.

Fold in half

Roll up

Velcro shut

Close up of felt pockets, I doubled up on felt for extra thickness, 
and zig zagged stitched for extra support

These little car caddy's are great to pop in your bag for pre-schoolers to play with in cafes, long journeys etc.


  1. I made a batch of these a few years ago as little boy gifts, and they went over very well. I used a recycled vehicle-themed bedsheet for the outside of mine, so I can really appreciate your use of upcycled materials.

    One thing I like to do is wait for the 5- or 6-packs of vehicles to go on sale, usually before or after Christmas. (This past year I picked up a few on clearance at Wal-Mart really cheap.) Then I break up a pack of those and split it between two of these car carriers. That way, if a little boy doesn't have any vehicles (unlikely but possible), he'll have a few to use with the carrier. If he already has lots, there will be room to add in his favorites.

    I so enjoy reading your blog! :)

  2. Thank you Christa

    I usually look out for matchbox cars in op shops, and if ever I see any, I snap them up!

    I'm thinking of trying out a zoo animal carrier / play mat next..

  3. What a great project! It's great that it used recycled denim