Friday, December 10, 2010

Chai Christmas Stars!

These are my final handmade Christmas gifts of the year. My friend posted a link on my facebook page for an awesome recipe for Chai Shortbread. I've made many batches of these biscuits because they are just gorgeous.

For two Christmas gifts, I am using a star cookie cutter to create chai shortbread stars. The tins I purchased second hand from Salvos, the Christmas fabric is op-shopped, ribbon and pretty paper for the ingredients cards are from my craft kit.

Wrap stars into fabric, place into tin, and tie at the top with a printed ingredients recipe list, and here they are:


  1. That's gorgeous. I think I'm going to give these biscuits a crack tomorrow....amongst other things!

  2. Thank you! Definitely give them a go, they are sooo tasty!! I just linked this onto your handmade Christmas link also =)

  3. Hey Erica Louise,

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    I couldn't find an e-mail link on your profile so I'm leaving a comment here.
    If you can e-mail your address, I'll ship your apron ASAP.

    Oh, and I've enjoyed skimming your blog. I'll be back to read more!

    Angela (Miss Prickly)

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