Friday, February 18, 2011

A recycled fascinator

I've been working on an outfit to enter into a competition. I will reveal the rest of the outfit at a later date, but first of all wanted to show my hair piece/fascinator.

I have made this hair piece out of things from around (and outside) the house: a shoulder pad, mens necktie fabric, tissue pattern paper, a yellow napkin, Christmas cracker decorations, foliage from the back yard, and a magpie feather, some eco-fi Kunin felt backing, and hair clips.

Bear in mind, this is not for every day wear!


  1. ...and yet, they all go together perfectly!!! Hope you post photos of the whole ensemble after the big reveal!

  2. Hi Anne K, thanks for the comment - I cant wait to blog about the final outfit, its in the making and involves curtains, a chair cover, plastic, reusable grocery bags, the frills from a table cloth a cushion and a pillow case =)

  3. Super cute!! :) I love how crafty and eco friendly you are! :D