Thursday, February 3, 2011

Bag with removable brooch

A gift for my friends birthday...

I used the same pattern (Made by Rae) as the previous clutch bag I made, which was auctioned for Queensland's Premier Flood Relief Appeal (end auction $33). Although this time I used two alternative pieces of fabric, including a floral print for the band accross the top. I also included a wrist band and flower brooch which can be removed.

All materials are used from my fabric stash, and the black interior jersey material was actually a t-shirt in a former life. The only new item I had to purchase to complete this bag, was the magnetic closure clasp.

The flower is a removable brooch, which I created using an old vintage tissue pattern I purchased from Mornington's Outlook Environmental Recycle Market.

Inspiration to create the brooch came from Miss P..., she blogged about EAB designs vintage pattern tissue flowers. I followed instructions by cutting two long strips of pattern tissue paper using pinking shears for a zig-zag edge finish, gathered using a basting stitch all the way through, and used the same floral fabric as the band on the bag for the brooch center. The little beads and ribbon were given to me by Mum; previously decorations from a christmas cracker (Mum is great at keeping craft stuff like this for me!) I cut a circle of felt, and used a safety pin for the back:

Because the brooch is made with paper, it would not be good to get wet, therefore I thought it would be best that I allowed it to be removed, and that way, it could also be worn as a brooch on items of clothing too:

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  1. Love the purse and the pin. Thanks for the inspiration!