Monday, January 24, 2011

Music Coasters Complete

My upcycled music coasters project is now complete...


$3 thrifted coasters from the op shop

$1.50 music sheet from the op shop


In Box

(Shadows of self taking photo; fail!)

Top of Box

More shadow fail!

These music coasters have been made as a gift for a relative. Possibilities are endless with these upcycled coasters, my Dad thought about using personal printed photographs which is a good idea, I thought maybe a vintage bird book with images of pretty birds would also look nice. Maybe some comic book coasters! Does anyone else have ideas of what I could do?

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  1. They are wonderful.What did you use to gloss them?

  2. They came out beautifully! I really must get me some modge podge. Me thinks the possibilities are endless with a bottle of mp.

  3. Hi Nelly - as Ky says, Mod Podge is the stuff!! Its fab. Its like a laquer/glue all in one. Spotlight and Lincraft sell it!

  4. The coasters look great. You could try childrens' drawings or cut up baby's paintings on them. Old maps would look good. I also like the idea of vintage bird books or a an old sailing book for nautical coasters. Oh dear, you have set me off now, I am going to have to go and find some second hand coasters of my own to re do.

  5. These look great! I'm busy working on my first set of coasters...not sure how they're gonna turn out yet. :O

    But yes, there are endless possibilities! Lots of fun. :)