Saturday, July 2, 2011

Op Shop Finds

A spontaneous visit to Sorrento on the Mornington Peninsula on this gorgeous sunny winter day, resulted in an equally spontaneous visit to JackanAndy’s, the St John’s and St Andrew’s Opportunity Shop.

I am still on a clothes shopping ban; the Free Fashion Challenge, but picked up a few non-clothing treasures.

An adorable children's book; Possom Magic by Mem Fox

Possum Magic

“Once upon a time, but not very long ago, deep in the Australian bush, there lived two possums. Their names were Hush and Grandma Poss. Grandma Poss made bush magic…”

We stopped by a cafe in Sorrento where a waitress did a double take whilst I was reading Possum Magic to my son, "Oh I remember that book!" she says

As a child raised outside of Australia, this book is not familiar to me, little did I know Possum Magic became and remains the best known picture book in Australia and the best selling picture book ever in this country.

Look at the illustrations in Possum Magic, just wonderful..

Some snippets..

I also picked up a McCalls sewing pattern to make 5 children's bags. I have my eye on the dinosaur backpack, and can't wait to try it out.

I scored an 1970's apron pattern, but what is a little special about this find, other than it remains unused and intact, is that it still sits in a typewritten envelope to its recipient with a stamp post dated 01 May 1973. I imagine it would have been a free pattern available from the Herald & Weekly Times back in the day. The lady behind the counter said I was very lucky to find an apron pattern?!

Lastly, I picked up a polka dot fleece baby blanket for craft projects.

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  1. Wow ! How awesome are those finds !!
    Possum Magic, is, in my humble opinion the very best Australian kids book ever ! I have given it as a b'day/birth gift several times.
    Happy weekend....can't wait to see what you come up with using the patterns x

  2. Wonderful finds there.Bet you will all love that book now.

  3. i am so loving this story within a story... anzac sure is something i've learned from australian blogs. and i guess, possums too... ;))
    love, love it, erica!

  4. Possum Magic is a lovely story and well known in Canada too. I remember using it in my classroom many years ago. Great find!