Friday, September 16, 2011

Childrens book party sweetie pouches

I made these for my son's third birthday party; sweetie pouches to give to his friends to say thank you for coming!

The children's books I used for this project, I have blogged about before, as I have used them for my coasters. An op shop gave me a bag of damaged books (mostly ripped or scribbled on) that I can use for craft projects, that would otherwise be thrown in the bin.

I ripped out book pages, used a small plate as a template to draw around, and cut two circles per pouch.
Machine stitched two circles together, leaving an opening to fill with treats - in this case, chocolate covered sultana's, then machine stitched the hole at the top to seal.

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  1. Brillant idea !
    I went to Rescue Resource Centre this week - Oh my! I was in heaven. Have a great weekend, Dee.

  2. mmmm chocolate....I like this idea too. I'll have to remember it in the future. Now if you could find something to do with VHS tapes. I always see them in thriftstores even though no one I know has a VCR. ha

  3. me again !
    Thanks for your comment on my blog....i HAD to go to RRC - you gave it such a rave review and now I know why.

  4. Hi Reverse clothing - I saw a tute about a year ago on making bags out of VHS tapes.

  5. Sorry I also wanted to say that 2 weeks ago I asked the op shop for old books they usually throw away for a craft project - this is also a fab idea - I can see more clutter and hoarding coming my way :-)