Tuesday, August 30, 2011

DIY Photo Magnets

How to make your own photo fridge magnets.

What you will need:

1 x sheet of A4 recycled paper
Access to colour printer
Clear vinyl (I picked some up at Resource Rescue)
Mod Podge
Strong glue
An old fridge magnet, or you can purchase new magnet strips from a craft shop

* Print off small thumbnail sized images onto an A4 sheet of recycled paper, and cut out each photo.

* Using mod podge and a paintbrush, glue mini photos face down onto vinyl, try not to make glue too gloopy as it may make the ink run.

* Leave out to dry (I dried outside on a chair).

* In the meantime, cut old magnet into little squares and rectangles.

* Once dry, I put vinyl sections in-between two heavy books overnight to flat out the curve and make images flat.

* Cut each image out of the vinyl

* Using a strong glue, attach each magnet square to the back of each vinyl covered image.

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