Thursday, August 25, 2011

To market

I have been given an opportunity to sell some of my products at a market. A friend has kindly offered to stock some of my handmade goods on her stall, starting this weekend at a children's market.

As a result, I have been sewing up a storm, making giraffe rattles using vintage and second hand fabric, and chalk mats, again made with recycled fabric, all except the oil cloth chalk board material.


Chalk mats

Owl chalk pocket

Aeroplane chalk pocket

My son's chalk mat, used at the weekend

I find it hard to think of an appropriate price to sell my handmade products for? Readers, if you sell your products on market stalls, how do you calculate an appropriate retail price?

Labels on my products have been made using cardboard from a tissue box, with a hole punched on the corner. My details are on the back of each card, and the price, when I decide it, will be on the front..

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  1. Good luck at the market, I can see the giraffes selling very well