Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Tea Towel Toy Bag

So I bought this cute little Gold Coast tourist tea towel from Salvos. Originally I thought about sewing it onto a skirt for a fashion item, but didn't really look right when I tried it, so what to do with this little thing?

Then I came accross Curly pops blog with a tutorial to make a drawstring tea towel bag, and thought that was a great idea.

We're off to the Gold Coast in November, so I made the tea towel into a drawstring toy bag for my son to keep him entertained on the flight. I have started to store some small toys in the bag that I have op-shopped, and will bring the bag out when we take off... hopefully that will keep him busy! How cute are the little lorikeets?


  1. another very clever idea, well done you

  2. Got to love Aussie prints tea towls. I found some new cotton ones in my local $2 shop for $2 this week and bought some!

  3. cool!! I'm definitely on the look out for more aussie tea towels .. just bought one from eBay actually