Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Vintage Thomas Pillowcase Chalk Mat

I've started to sell some of my sewing projects. This is a big achievement. Sewing for oneself and gifts for friends is one thing, but making things to sell is a completely different ball game.

What am I selling? It is the first item I blogged about on Recycled Sewing; my childrens activity chalk mats. I initially made one for a gift, and that friend subsequently asked me to make some to buy as gifts for others, and so on..

I took myself off to Savers on Saturday in search of some more children's fabric. I always head straight to the pillowcase/sheets. Very lucky for me, I found one lonesome 'vintage' Thomas the Tank Engine pillowcase:


And here is the completed chalk mat:

Is the chalk mat made from 100% recycled materials? No, not completely, but wherever possible, I do endeavour to purchase all of my materials second hand. Here is a full breakdown.

Main fabric - pillowcase from Savers
Velcro strap - thrifted bias strip from Salvos
Chalk mat fabric - new, purchased from eBay
Train chalk holder pocket - a gift of quilting squares, originally purchased second hand by my Mum
Chalks - new from $2 shop
Velco - new from haberdashery
Lip to hold chalks on pocket - end of the of PVC tablecloth from Spotlight, which has scratches and paper roll marks on it. It would have gone into the rubbish if I hadn't asked to buy it! Very lucky with that one.


  1. Interesting and inspiring idea... I've just used pillowcases for the next issue of Peppermint... (I'm Miss Sew & Sew!)...
    Also just used an innersheet to make my Cox Plate outfit!!

  2. Yay for you selling your goodies !
    I love your blog - keeping me inspired.
    Cheers, Dee

  3. Wow! Hey, you could try selling your stuff on Etsy.com (if you're not already)?? :)

  4. Hi Fourth Daughter, thats really cool. I will pick up the nxt copy of Peppermint and have a look. I'm really into pillowcases at the moment!
    I saw your outfit, and it is amazing, you did so well!

    Dee - thank you so much, I've been eyeing up some of your creations, you're very talented!

    myfirstbub - I'm going to start selling on my own site soon!!