Sunday, November 14, 2010

Mini tie T's for kids

Out of some of the thrifted mens necktie fabric I've had leftover from my necktie owl project, I made a mini tie to sew onto one of my son's plain white hand-me-down t-shirts. I liked the way it turned out, so I decided to make more as Christmas gifts for friends kids this year.

I feel terribly guilty about this, but I did in fact buy two new blank t-shirts. I would prefer to source everything second hand, and these t-shirts were the first 'new' clothing items I've bought in well over a year. I'm just not sure I could give second hand clothing as gifts for friends kids? The mens necktie fabric is of course second hand.


  1. they look cute (sometimes thrift shop t's havent even been worn)

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  3. Hi Brendie, thanks for commenting - you're right, I have found some clothes in op (thrift) shops that havent been worn. In fact the next two t's I am making have been thrifted!