Sunday, November 14, 2010

More t's and fabric

I finished off the last two tie t's today, this time I managed to score the long sleeve t-shirt and grey short sleeve t-shirt from Salvos last Friday. Washed, and dried before sewing mini ties in place. The cool thing about these two t's; they are a Christmas gift for two brothers, a 5yr old and an 18 month old. I think they will look cool together =)

I also bought some brilliant fairy fabric from an op shop in Parkdale. So girly, so cute. I am making a chalk mat out of it today, and still got loads left for another project in the future.


  1. Hi Erica, thanks for your comment on my blog. I couldn't reoly via email sorry! My next market is the Daylesford Makers Market on Nov 27th.
    Cam x

  2. Just need a calculator in the top pocket and they'll be ready to negotiate deals with Santa!

  3. Nessa - just saw your comment, v funny!!